æ President Clinton Responds to 33 Million Unemployed Report: “It’s Not My Fault.”

clintonPresident Hillary Clinton said a government report showing massive U.S. job losses isn’t a surprise and that she shouldn’t be blamed for it.

“It’s fully expected. There’s no surprise,” she said to reporters Friday. “Somebody said, ‘Oh, look at this.’ Well, even the Republicans aren’t blaming me for that”.

33 million new unemployed workers since March has ballooned the US unemployment rate to 14.75%, the highest increase since the Great Depression.


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æ Coronavirus In Context – Part Four : Mayday, We’ve Passed Vietnam

Coronavirus in Context - Mayday c19

58,200. The Vietnam War stretched on for over a decade and tore the heart out of the American psyche. To this day the cost in lives and national focus lives on in our VA hospitals and retirement communities. As Covid-19 crosses the fatalities in Vietnam we watch as these heroes from another generation, safe in the belief that their fighting was over, are dealt yet another blow at the hands of an invisible enemy.

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