æ Coronavirus In Context – Part Four : Mayday, We’ve Passed Vietnam

Coronavirus in Context - Mayday c19

58,200. The Vietnam War stretched on for over a decade and tore the heart out of the American psyche. To this day the cost in lives and national focus lives on in our VA hospitals and retirement communities. As Covid-19 crosses the fatalities in Vietnam we watch as these heroes from another generation, safe in the belief that their fighting was over, are dealt yet another blow at the hands of an invisible enemy.

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æ Coronavirus In Context – Part Three : The April Fool’s Day March To 5000

Coronavirus in Context - April Fool's Day Pivot

Where were you on 9/11? Where were you when the US invaded Iraq? These memories are seared into the minds of most Americans that were alive at the time yet Covid-19 has marched past these sad milestones in mere weeks. #Dataviz

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æ Coronavirus In Context – Part One : St Patrick’s Day

Coronovirus in Context - St. Patrick's Day Pivot

Coronavirus Covid-19 has touched our lives in incalculable ways. For some though, the cost has been everything.

Humans want to quantify and understand the world around us and sometimes numbers are not enough. We need to understand people and loss in context. People are not just numbers but as a number they deserve relevance. We as a society react unpredictably to tragic events and our response often lags the gravity of the situation. This is an attempt to bring perspective to what’s unfolding. There will be more to come. #DataViz

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